underarm sweat gland removal

Why It’s The Perfect Time Of Year For Underarm Sweat Gland Removal

Late summer, early fall: in most of the Northern Hemisphere, the temperatures are still hot. Sure, it might not be as blazingly scalding as it was in June or July, but August and even September promise to have little cool down. This is great news for BBQs, early-season football games and seeing all that great fall foliage… but not such good news for those us with excessive underarm sweat. Of course, most of us would sweat too much even if it was freezing out, but it’s especially bad when it’s hot out. Thankfully, there is help: our miraDry can provide top quality underarm sweat gland removal.

Wear the Colors you want

Late summer and early fall are one of the best times of the year for sports. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite high school, college or pro football team, they’re all back in action around this time. If you’re into baseball, it’s heating up, getting ready for the playoffs. Basketball and hockey are just over the horizon. Wearing the colors of your favorite team shows solidarity while also looking great on you. Of course, unless your team’s colors are black on black, excessive underarm sweat can be a problem. Whether you love a team with bright colors, or you’ve never watched sports in your life and simply love bright colors, miraDry can make sure you wear what you want with confidence.

underarm sweat gland removal

Keeping you Warm

Sure, the days are still going to be warm around this time of year, but the nights are going to be a bit cooler. If you go around the country and look at the high and low temperatures for September when compared to August, you’ll see that the highs might be similar, but in many places, the lows are far lower. That means that you might be a bit chilly at night. Should you have excessive underarm sweat, then you’re probably going to get cold faster. After all, you’ll sweat through your clothes, and then that moisture will be locked into your outfit. From there, it’ll cool you down until you change or it dries. With miraDry, you won’t have to worry about that again, either.

Safe, Effective miraDry Underarm Sweat Gland Removal

To be clear, miraDry isn’t for “lessening your underarm sweat glands” or “reducing the effect of underarm sweat glands.” Instead, miraDry removes them entirely. Your sweat glands will be there before the procedure, and then once the procedure is over, they’ll be gone forever. It’s natural to be a bit reticent about having something like that removed, but you don’t have to be: the procedure is entirely safe and basically entirely painless. There’s no lengthy recovery time or anything like that. Best of all, it won’t negatively affect your body going forward, as you’ll still have plenty of sweat glands. There’s no bad time of year to get started with the miraDry process. Give us a call today at (855) 647-2379.