what is miradry

What is miraDry? Learn More About This Procedure!

That’s the number one question we get. The truth is that miraDry is a convenient, simple ways to get rid of underarm sweat. FDA-cleared, miraDry is a completely non-invasive procedure. That means that you don’t have to worry about it hurting you, or having a lengthy recovery period. If you’ve been struggling with underarm sweat, miraDry can be the solution you’ve been looking for. In this blog, we’ll go over exactly what is miraDry and how it can help.

What is miraDry specifically?

It’s a procedure that specifically targets the area where your sweat glands are. Instead of just going for a vague place of where they might be, it pinpoints the exact location of your sweat glands. Then, it destroys them. Better still, it does this all while you feel completely comfortable and safe. We always ask our patients, “does this hurt, on a scale of one to 10?” The most common answer is “2,” with plenty of “1s.”

what is miradry

How Long Will it Take to Recover?

For a majority of our patients, you’ll be fine as the procedure is over. Sure, you might feel a bit sensitive, or see a few bruises in the area, but you’ll notice a significant reduction in sweat right away. We know that many of our customers exercise often, and we do recommend you wait a day or so to get back to that. However, for most of our patients, you can go right back to doing what you love.

Sure, but there Have to Be Side Effects, Right?

In some cases, folks do see a bit of swelling, or feel some lingering soreness. But, often it’s a swelling that can’t be noticed when you’re wearing a shirt. Even if you do have those symptoms, they do disappear within a few days. A few customers have felt some different kind of sensation in your under arms or even sometimes in your upper arms, like near your shoulder. Still, that goes away quickly, too.

miraDry for Your Arms

What definitely goes away with miraDry (and stays away) is your underarm sweat. Imagine being able to wear white shirts (or anything with light colors) any time of year. You won’t have to worry about walking outside on a nice day, because you know that you’ll be sweat-free in your under arms. For more info, give us a call at (877) 760-4250 or check out our site.