what is miradry

What Is miraDry And Why It Matters

You can’t choose to stop excessive sweating. There’s no physical exercise, no mental technique, no special kind of therapy or intensive concentration where you can keep your body from producing excessive underarm sweat. In fact, if you work hard or even worry, you could even produce more sweat. So, then, what is miraDry? It gives you the option to stop this excessive sweat that’s been a real problem for so long. Instead of having to navigate your life around your sweat, you can decide to stop sweating, once and for all.

What is miraDry really?

Simply put, miraDry is a safe way of eliminating your underarm sweat glands. When we say “eliminate,” we mean it. It doesn’t simply make them weaker so that they can come back strong another time. No, it gets rid of them for good. When you choose to get miraDry, you choose to say goodbye to your underarm sweat glands. What makes miraDry so great is that it does all of this safely. It creates safe, painless heat in the area where your underarm sweat glands are. This heat eliminates them for good, while not causing any harm whatsoever to any other part of your body.

what is miradry

miraDry by the Numbers

Before we even took miraDry out to be used by a patient, we made sure to test it as much as possible. Indeed, it has been used in more than 140,000 treatments all over the world. That safety record is second to none. You don’t have to take our word for it; you can listen to the FDA. The FDA has cleared it to “dramatically reduce underarm sweat.” That is, of course, what miraDry really does. These same clinical studies found that miraDry reduces underarm sweat by 82% on average. That means that it can reduce it by even more than that, but typically, that’s what you’ll be looking at. Additionally, those clinical trials also found that it reduces odor by, on average, 89% as well. Imagine taking your sweat and odor down that much. That’s the power of miraDry.

Quick Treatments, Easy Payments

Even better, to experience the full effects of miraDry, you don’t have to go for all kinds of treatments over a long period of time. In fact, many see dramatic results after their first treatment. Of course, we make sure that miraDry fits you and your body. That’s why your physician will put together a plan so that you get all of the miraDry treatments you need to live the life that you want. There are payment plans available for miraDry, too. While it’s often not covered by insurance, we can put together the kind of financing plan that works for any budget. No one should have to live with excessive underarm sweat that would like it to stop. When you’re ready to take that next step and live essentially sweat and odor-free, just give us a call to set up a consultation at (855) 647-2379.