understand what is miradry

Understand What is Miradry and How can It Help You

We have all had those embarrassing instances of sweat stains on our shirts. It can make you self conscious especially in social settings, while at work or in meetings. You are less likely to raise your hand to contribute or reach for things you need while working. It’s especially hard when you’re the type of individual who sweats more frequently than your peers. If you think you are going to have to suffer forever, you will be pleased to know you don’t have to. Your underarms aren’t the only place that your sweat can escape. You may not know it but your body has between 2 and 4 million sweat glands. This means that stopped the 2% of your glands that allow your underarms to produce sweat won’t have an effect on your body to cool itself. So it’s in your best interest to understand what is Miradry and how can it help you. When you use a process like Miradry you have the benefit of not needing to sweat through your underarms but your body can continue its normal sweat process in other areas.

You may be wondering what Miradry is and how it works. Miradry uses thermal energy to create heat in the area where your sweat and odor glands live and work to safely eliminate them. Once you’ve had the MiraDry treatment you can expect immediate and lasting results, not more sweat-stained shirts! The MiraDry treatment has been clinically proven on average to reduce sweat production by 82% as well as odor reduction (89%). However, keep in mind that, just like any other treatment patient to patient results can vary. When going through the MirdDry process you should only need one treatment to see effects but you may need further. Your physician can help you decide what is best for your particular case.

understand what is miradry

MiraDry is a relatively painless procedure that takes about an hour to administer. You can return to your normal work day the same day and resume exercising in a few days. If you’re worried about whether MiraDry is a safe procedure rest assured that it has been used in more than 140,000 treatments globally and has a great track record. The process of MiraDry is a simple three step job. First, your underarm will be numbed and a temporary tattoo applied that is used as a guide. From there a physician will use a handpiece that is placed on your underarm. It will then begin suction. From that point, the thermal energy will be delivered all while the sweat and odor glands are eliminated. During that time the system will apply a cooling agent to your skin allowing you to remain comfortable.

You don’t have to continue suffering through embarrassing situations caused by your underarms. Instead, you can get a MiraDry treatment and have clean, clear shirts and sweat free underarms year round! MiraDry is usually not covered by Insurance but if you would like to you can apply to use an HSA/FSA loan to cover the cost of the procedure. MiraDry pricing can vary depending on how many treatments you need but usually costs on average $2,000.