underarm sweat gland removal

Underarm Sweat Gland Removal to Bid Adieu to Sweat and Body Odor

Underarm sweating is a normal body condition. What is not normal is if you sweat profusely even though you are not working out. You may use all the antiperspirant products in the world but your excessive sweating will remain a problem. This is where underarm sweat gland removal becomes beneficial for sufferers of hyperhidrosis or excessive seating. 

We do need to sweat. It is our body’s way of eliminating waste products. But too much sweating is not good, especially if it is accompanied by bad odor. If that happens, all your affluence is gone.

Invest in Underarm Sweat Gland Removal Procedure 

If you have been suffering from excessive underarm sweating since your childhood, then you have probably invested tons of money on antiperspirant products that do not work. 

What if you could just spend your money to undergo a procedure that removes your sweat gland in the armpit? If you could do that, your problem about underarm sweating will be gone. 

The best thing is that you do not need to worry about body odor because you are no longer sweating profusely.

underarm sweat gland removal

Is It Painful?

One of the questions that our clients would ask about this procedure is, “How painful is it?” Before answering it, we like to point out that this procedure is non-invasive. 

Thus, there is no wound or cutting involved. In other words, there is no pain. You may experience some sting but it will just go away. 

In this procedure, we utilize thermal energy. It creates heat, thus, it causes the sting feeling. However, it will not burn your skin. 

In other words, it is a safe procedure that eliminates your sweat glands in your underarm. It gets rid of the glands. Thus, they do not regrow and come back in a few months. When you choose this procedure, you are opting to say adieu to your underarm sweat glands. 

As mentioned earlier, it is non-invasive, so it is safe and painless. It only uses heat energy to eliminate the sweat glands permanently. it does not cause any harm to your body. 

Our technology has been used in over 140,00 treatments worldwide. The FDA cleared it to reduce underarm sweat dramatically. It reduces your underarm sweating by up to 82%. In other words, you will still sweat but it is not excessive, so it will not  show in your t-shirt. 

As we remove the sweat glands, we are also removing the body odor. This is where our clients are usually especially delighted about the procedure. They do not just want to get rid of their underarm sweating but they also want to treat their body odor. When there is no sweat, there is no odor. 

With MiraDry, you are eliminating sweat and odor. This is the power of our underarm sweat gland removal. It is a quick treatment that gives you effective results. Give us a call for a consultation or to know more about this procedure: (855) 647-2379.