MiraDry in Los Angeles

Find MiraDry in Los Angeles and Forget About Excessive Sweat

If you feel ruled by your sweat, unable to do the things you want or wear the clothes you want, MiraDry might just be perfect for you! MiraDry is a non-invasive procedure that helps reduce sweating and its effects. With just a single treatment, patients see incredible reductions in under-arm sweat and require no further treatments. This life-changing technology takes as little as an hour and could be the final solution to your sweating woes. And you can find MiraDry in Los Angeles when you visit our clinic.

Everyone sweats, but some people find themselves afflicted with more potent sweat than others.  people find themselves sweating profusely at inconvenient times, some experience foul odor no matter how much deodorant they use, and many find themselves ruining their favorite clothes with sweat stains even on days they did no exercise.

miradry in los angeles

What is MiraDry?

The MiraDry treatment is a non-invasive procedure administered to the under-arms of patients suffering from excessive sweat. Using MiraWave technology, this procedure destroys underarm sweat glands, preventing them from producing the excess sweat plaguing your life. Working to simultaneously destroy and cool the glands, the MiraDry treatment is often painless for many patients and only registers at a 1 or 2 for the few patients that experience slight discomfort. 

Recovery from MiraDry is a breeze, with most patients able to return to completely normal function in just a few days. Patients treated with MiraDry experience a major reduction in sweat production, with many experiencing 85% less sweat than before the procedure. MiraDry also helps to lessen foul odors, staining, and the other negative effects of excessive sweating. Though some patients require a second round of treatment, most find that one round of MiraDry is enough to completely change their lives.

Who is a Good Candidate?

If you live in Los Angeles, you are likely no stranger to sweat. Though MiraDry is often favored by patients experiencing excessive sweating, many LA residents find themselves wanting the treatment to beat the heat of sunny California. Sweat is a problem for everyone, not just the excessively sweaty, which is why MiraDry is an amazing option for anyone wanting to reduce their sweat.


If the amount you sweat negatively impacts your life, you might just be a good candidate for MiraDry. Book an appointment online with MiraDry in Los Angeles and receive a 30-minute consultation to determine whether or not this treatment is right for you! Now is the time to take control of your pits, and now with MiraDry, staying dry is effortless.

Visit the MiraDry website to learn more about this life-changing treatment, or call (877) 760-4250 to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation.