How could you describe the miraDry® treatment?


This is a non-invasive, FDA cleared aesthetic procedure that removes underarm sweat and odor in a safe way. MiraDry® treatment is a quick, in-office treatment that results in a permanent solution for underarm sweat.


What can I expect from the procedure?


For most patients, miraDry® treatment is painless and with little downtime. Prior to the treatment, you receive local anesthesia to ease any discomfort. In some cases, the most painful part is merely the anesthetic injection. No incisions or cuts are necessary. The procedure is tailored to each underarm by using different placements of the miraDry handpiece. An in-house appointment usually takes around an hour.


How does miraDry® treatment works?


The procedure implements miraWave technology, a top-notch to eliminate sweat and odor glands in your underarm. It targets the area where the sweat glands are placed and destroys them while cooling the area simultaneously to make the process as comfortable as possible for you.


What outcome can I expect from this procedure?


Results are immediate and lasting, as sweat glands don’t return after treatment. This leads to a reduction of your sweat that is previously discussed with your miraDry physician. In recent studies, an average of 82% of sweat was reduced in most of the cases. Such reduction depends on each person.


How many times do I have to go through the treatment?


Usually, just one treatment is enough to see results. Yet, as in most of aesthetic treatments, your specialist will determine the steps to follow to get the results you desire.


Is the miraDry® treatment painful?


Most patients experience little to no pain, as we implement local anesthesia to the underarm before we start the procedure. Most people rate miraDry® treatment pain as a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10.


Should I expect any downtime?


In most cases, there is a minimal downtime and patients return to regular activities right away. It is recommended to take a couple of days to resume physical exercise. Swelling, numbness, sensitivity or bruising in the underarm and surrounding area can be experienced in the days after the treatment.


Does the treatment have any side effects?


It is expected to feel some localized soreness or swelling, which disappear within a couple of days. In some cases, people experience short-term altered sensations in the skin on their underarm or upper arms. This sensation also disappears gradually.


What is the cost of the treatment?


Although pricing varies depending on certain treatment protocols that the doctor will discuss during your consultation, the average cost of the first treatment is around $1950.