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Underarm sweat is nothing to be ashamed of, but when your sweat starts to negatively impact your life, you know you need to do something. Whether you want to wear nice shirts without staining the pits, you want to eliminate excessive nasty odors, or you simply are sick of feeling damp under the arms, MiraDry USA can be the answer to your problems. MiraDry is a non-invasive, virtually pain-free treatment that can reduce your sweat production by more than 80%.

Patients that choose MiraDry have unparalleled results, and most only need one treatment to see life-changing effects. Using MiraWave technology, the MiraDry procedure involves destroying sweat glands in the armpit, then quickly cooling them to reduce inflammation and discomfort. In a little more than one hour, most patients have their lives changed by the MiraDry treatment.

miradry usa

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Though people suffering from overactive sweat glands are great candidates for MiraDry, others who want to permanently reduce sweat and underarm odor will benefit from this treatment. Now, for a limited time, MiraDry USA in Los Angeles, California is offering $150 off treatments for first-time clients. If you have ever considered taking steps to reduce your underarm sweat and odor. Take advantage of this offer before its too late.

Contact the team of professionals at MiraDry today and receive $150 off your first MiraDry treatment! Fast, virtually pain-free, and with faster recovery than most underarm procedures, MiraDry is the best option for anyone looking to change the way they think about their armpits. Forget about avoiding silk and beautiful tops, put staining light T-shirts in the past, and never worry about nasty deodorant stains ever again. MiraDry can help you feel more confident, look your best, and keep your clothes in great condition for longer than ever before.

Why Choose MiraDry?

Other methods of underarm sweat reduction are often quite painful, have long recovery times, and may not even be fully effective. Most patients that choose MiraDry are able to see effects after a single treatment, and with only minor swelling and soreness to worry about, recovery is a breeze. MiraDry is also an effective treatment for patients with varying sweat levels, from those with overactive sweat glands to folks just wanting to stay a little drier in the summer.

Now, MiraDry is also one of the most convenient and affordable sweat treatments available. Located on Venice Blvd. in beautiful Los Angeles, the MiraDry USA Los Angeles clinic is easy to get to and convenient. Now, with $150 off for first-time patients, MiraDry treatments have never been more affordable or accessible.

Do you want to permanently stop underarm sweat and foul odor? Visit the MiraDry USA website or call at (877) 760-4250 for a free 30-minute consultation.