Armpit Sweat Treatment in Venice Beach Ca

Armpit Sweat Treatment in Venice Beach, Ca: Stop the Sweat and Odor

Excessive underarm sweating can be embarrassing. Some patients would isolate themselves during a social gathering because their shirt has sweat marks. You may have used a lot of treatments but nothing has worked. Have you tried our armpit sweat treatment in Venice Beach, Ca

Armpit Sweat Treatment in Venice Beach, Ca: Stopping the Sweat Stains 

There are several reasons you may be sweating excessively in your underarm. Indeed, you can use antiperspirants. They can help, temporarily. However, they contain chemicals that can leave marks on clothing. Thankfully, you can try our permanent armpit sweat treatment. It is non-invasive and it offers permanent results. Not only that but it is also painless. 

Armpit Sweat Treatment in Venice Beach Ca

What is Involved? 

This permanent treatment for armpit sweating is non-surgical. It is energy-based that requires numbing your armpits with an anesthetic. MiraDry is a handheld device that emits microwave energy to the skin. 

Its goal is to destroy the sweat glands by heating them through the energy emitted. The great thing about this treatment is that it only takes around an hour to complete the session. 

The number of sessions you need will depend on your condition. The treatment is tolerable. It has little to no downtime as well. 

What Results to Expect

This is a permanent armpit sweat treatment. In that case, you will achieve a sweat reduction permanently. However, it may require you to undergo another session, depending on your excessive sweating condition. 

In some cases, patients will achieve up to 80% reduction after the first treatment. MiraDry is a different treatment because it does not only reduce sweat but it also destroys sweat glands. 

And when they are destroyed, they cannot regenerate or regrow. That’s why after treatment, many of our patients have gained confidence and they no longer wear antiperspirant. 

This treatment does not only reduce sweating but it also disabled some hair follicles. Many of your patients experienced a significant reduction in their underarm hair. It is a side effect. But it is considered as a pleasant effect. 

As for the result, it can last indefinitely. The reason for this is that the sweat glands do not regrow. However, you may choose to have another treatment to completely destroy the sweat glands. 

But if you wish to have another treatment, you will have to wait a few months before you can undergo another set of treatments. 

We only recommend up to three treatments. But this is only for severe cases. 

How Safe is the Procedure

MiraDry is FDA-approved. Thus, you can be sure of its safety. As mentioned, this treatment is energy-based. It emits microwave energy in a localized area. And the emission is controlled. You may, however, experience temporary swelling after the procedure. But it will go away after a few days. 

As for the preparation for this armpit sweat treatment in Venice Beach, Ca, we recommend you call us up. Our customer support team will be happy to assist you and give you instructions on how to prepare for this procedure. Call us for an appointment: (877) 760-4250